A great gift from one friend to another, or simply a gift for yourself over the holidays, can be a penis enlarging gift. This gift can take different forms, it can be a novelty or it can a legit, working program. Here are your different options for giving the gift of enlargement:

  1. Penis enlarging pills. Now, this could be used more as a novelty item to give to a friend, as generally, the benefits to enlarging pills are very weak, and many pill products which make outrageous claims are typically scams anyway. So if novelty is what you’re after, this could work well.
  2. Penis pumps. This could work either as a real solution or as a novelty. Some of these pumps are fairly elaborate, odd looking contraptions, bordering on bizarre. So as a novelty this could work as the sight of the pump alone can be overwhelming and sometimes humorous. On the other hand, if your friend is genuinely interested in enlargement this could be something that could have benefits. You should research the safest model possible, and make sure that if a pump is used, the instructions are followed to a tee so the risk of injury is low.
  3. Penis enlarging exercise program. This is the most legit form of penis enlarging, and a method that actually works well. This would make a great gift for yourself if you’re looking for increases in length and girth. Or, if you think a friend would appreciate the extra size, this would make a great gift to give. Often times friends can feel embarrassment about purchasing an enlargement program, so by giving it to them as a gift, they may feel better about it and actually utilize the techniques. In the meantime, you could also have access to the program, and apply the techniques as well.

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