Why is a bigger and harder penis important? A general idea as to the biological makeup of the vagina can give you the answer to this question. The nerve endings which are responsible for sending signals to the brain and making a woman aware of sexual sensation is concentrated more in the area near the clitoris. These nerve endings are also present in the threshold of the vagina but are fewer in number in the vaginal wall. The lessening of the presence of nerve endings in the vaginal wall is theorised to cause less painful childbirth.

bathmate-1000x650However, lesser nerve endings in the vaginal wall have its downside when it comes to sex especially for men with a smaller penis. Men with a smaller or lame penis will have to exert extra effort in order to activate the relatively few nerve endings inside the vagina that will rouse the woman’s sexual drive and increase pleasure during intercourse. That is why most experts advise men with a smaller penis to compensate their shortness by applying techniques or make their presence felt by using penis pump enlargement.

Having the general idea how the vagina works during sex can give hints as to what you need to work on to increase the size of your manhood. If you are having a hard time pleasuring your partner, this may be due to a small or lame penis. The advantage of a bigger penis is numerous. Aside from the fact that it builds your confidence and gets rid of penis insecurity, it makes pleasuring women a whole lot easier. Plus, having a bigger penis can also make sex become more pleasurable for you too.

Zooming in on how sex works, one will notice that the sensation of the penis increases especially if the gripping pressure is firmer or tighter. On the part of the woman, the more massive the thing that penetrates the vagina, the stronger the sensation it provides. No wonder a bigger penis can easily make the woman cum or it can easily rub on to that most sought after woman’s g-spot. If you want to increase your desirability among women, then adding a few inches on your cock with the use of penis pump enlargement is a must.

Compared to other penile enlargement techniques or gadgets, there are a lot of benefits that this ingenious invention can give a man. This special device is designed to get a man that extra length and girth in no time. This handy tool can be used anytime anywhere. The effect is way faster than those penile exercises that we often encounter in other websites. Aside from that, this special gadget does not only give you a bigger penis in a flash, it also makes your erection firmer and allows it to last longer. Safety and effectiveness of this device are attested to by many men who have been using the product for a long time. This is much cheaper and safer than undergoing surgery or taking on some weird pills. What are you waiting for? Fill that vagina with your bigger dick through the help of this penis pump enlargement.


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